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Stereoscopic 3D surgery.
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Stereoscopic 3D surgery.


When Zimmer performed their Masterclass in hip transplant surgery, in Spenshult on 7-8 October, they decided to film and broadcast in S3D.
REZQ was the obvious choice, as it was the only production company in Sweden specializing in S3D.

Specialist surgeons were flown in from every corner of Europe to participate in the Masterclass.
Due to strict regulations relating to the sterile environment and so forth, only a limited number of people were allowed in the operating room.
Based on the findings from the previous joint venture between REZQ and Zimmer, the client knew about the added perception provided by using S3D and the time had now come to implement this technology in a live event.

After the event, an evaluation questionnaire was filled out by the delegates. The outcome was even better than Zimmer had expected. “It was like standing beside the surgeon in the operating room,” was one of the comments.

REZQ are proud of the fact that this was the first multi-rig live stereo 3D production to be made in Scandinavia.
The ultra-light stereo rig was an REZQ design fitted to a PooleCam, a camera head from LMP/Toshiba, lenses from Fujinon and a live video switcher from Panasonic. Mediatec Solutions were responsible for the production of sound, distribution and S3D display.