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Stonehorse 3D
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Stonehorse 3D


Stonehorse 3DThe first 3D film in Europe with a theatrical release.
It opened at cinemas in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden on 4 December 2009

The film brings the art of ballet to 3D film.The story is simple and deals with a day in the life of fairies.
Dag Werle who is a choreographer educated at the Laban/St Martins School of Dance in London staged the project.
The Laban method of movement focuses on simply exploring the room.
Using the stereo 3D technique, we are doing exactly the same, exploring the room. Pushing the boundaries and exploring ways of making the most of 3D media.

The film is a joint production between REZQ and Public Service AB, with director Mikael Katzeff, stereographer Christer Engström, 3D producer Rune Kullander and DoP Andres Wessberg.

Pictures from the film: here